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Covid Restrictions and Tiers

Hooray we have started shooting again - outside at Old joes only, but it's a start.

The club will be using Old Joes Golf Range from Easter weekend and has booked both Saturday and Sunday shooting there for the foreseeable future.

All members have received instructions on usage and a copy of the appropriate risk assessment.

Any past members who wish to rejoin please contact the club and you will be welcomed back on paying the 2020/2022 fees.

Please do email us if you wish to go on a list for a beginners course, but we can not say when any courses will be available or allowed.

Keep an eye on the news page as diffent things are announced and we will update members as soon as possible.

To use Old Joes at the weekends ( which is free to members ) you must use the booking system

If you wish to use during the week you may do so but it will cost members £5 per session