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Any items that appear here are for sale by members and will have their contact details, which should be used, please don't use the standard email address for contacting the club.

Our member John Owen has the following Arrows available - anyone interested please contact direct

Set 6 Easton powerflight 400 carbon

Shaft length 28" 

Set 14 Easton 2115 xx75 require new Fletching on all shaft size 27.5"

Terry Chittock has many bows and needs to downsize and clear some space - bargain prices so contact him at - first ones:-

2 Chinese type horse bows - both 54 inches in length ( probably 50 inches when strung ).

Bought many years ago and used on field shoots, but can't pull the weight any more.

The soft handled one is 40lbs at 28 inches and the leather handled 45lbs at 28 inches

Come with soft covers.

£20 each to clear - loads of fun, but they are not toys.

Terry also has a couple of compound bows which need a new home - first one is very old, bought second, hand probably 30 years ago, and used to demonstrate how a compound works at fairs etc that Tudor used to visit.

PSE Game Sport - about 35 pounds at 28 inches, but you can alter poundage by either tightening or slackening the limbs ( if you dare ).

Although very much not a toy, not an item you would shoot with in competitions today, so only good for own use - has old 4 pin sight but no arrow rest at present ( simple stick on one would work fine with this ) just looked on ebay and someone in USA is selling there's for just under $100 - it's not worth anywhere near that - just seeing if any interest anywhere, so send me an offer

The second compound is far more modern, but entry level - Armex Rex bow

Comes with brush arrow rest, but no sight - although still has original box, doesn't have everything that came with it - does have 2 allen keys.

Not an expensive bow to purchase new so looking for offers in region of £40.

Although I have compound bows I never really learned how to shoot correctly with them, so can't give shooting advice.

For Sale

Perris Whitehart

Recurve Bow and accessories

The following used archery equipment is offered for immediate sale:

Perris Archery Whitehart 68 inch Recurve Bow comprising a riser painted in two tone green and black

Attached is an Arten bow sights holder with adjustment for sight settings and calibrated sight bar (12 inch / 31 cm)

The black limbs are marked Whitehart with a draw weight of 36 lb

Two-tone green and black long rod (32 inch / 81 cm)

V-bar for attachment of the stabilisers

Two green and two black stabilisers

Gillo Gold Medal carrying case in black with yellow piping

Assorted arrows contained in an arrow tube


Avalon Quiver with three arrow tubes and four zipped pockets

Stringflex Pro Bow string with 16 strands

Bow stand in matching green

Other equipment:

Cartel Doo Sung Fletching Tool

Leather pouch for score cards

Tabs for a right handed archer

Arm guard

Arrow pull

Assorted spares

Price:  £175.00

Contact: Mike Allen  -   Mobile 07818 062034