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(21/05/24) The club continues on at a pace with the Sports Centre now settling down again, and getting more use overall, should be safe for the future.

Unfortunately the school do use the sports hall for their exams and we are losing around 15 weeks per year, 10 of which are the main summer months - luckily we are able to use one of our members meadows for outside shooting, which of course relies on the weather.

We have all just returned from this years Hadleigh Show, luckily the weather stayed fine on show day, and in fact got quite hot - a great event as usual with hundreds attending our stall to try archery ( many returning from previous years )


Last night ( 07/09/2022 ) we moved all our equipment from Long Melford to the Sports centre ready for regular shooting from next Wednesday.

The extra room will enable us to allow juniors to shoot different rounds when the club is shooting longer distances and we should be able to start taster / beginners courses by the end of the month.

The club should go from strength to strength from now on and hoping for a quiet year admin wise


We have finally had confirmation that we may move our kit back to Ormiston Academy from September and the sports hall is booked Wednesday nights 7pm to 9.30pm from 7th September onwards for the next year.

Our time at The old School, Long Melford has been well used and with hard work on taster sessions and beginners courses membership numbers have increased, such that the main shooting room is now too small for the numbers attending on Wednesdays - the reopening of the sports centre comes just at the right time.

Once we have moved back the club will have the room and facilities to expand - maybe bring back our own open shoots ( if these are viable ).

Has been a strange year since August 2021 but the club has survived and rebuilt.

Hadleigh Show - after the event

As I write this my muscles are still aching from a very intense couple of days at the show.

We arrived to set up on Friday afternoon ( 20th ) and some of us stayed there until we had packed up on Saturday at about 18.30.

Show day itself was a beautiful day and we believe record numbers attended, as show had been cancelled the last couple of years.

The club lacks numbers of experienced archers to teach on the line, at the moment, so only 8 of us were able to look after customers - we believe we had about 300 people through the gate on a very busy day, and most of us didn't have much of a break from 10 o'clock until we closed around 5 o'clock.

Well worth the effort to build up awareness of the club and also add funds to keep the club in good stead.

Hadleigh Show

This years Hadleigh Show is Saturday 21st May and the club will have a stand there for Have - a - Go Archery.

This date falls within ArcheryGB Start Archery Week so becomes part of the nationwide drive to bring archery to everyone and encourage more to take it up as a hobby or as a competitive sport.

Hopefully will see lots of you at the show, as it wasn't able to run for 2020 and 2021, and probably best to come to us early as queues tend to build up in the afternoon.

Latest Updates

The club is now well settled in at The Old School and starting to rebuild.

We recently completed two separate lots of beginners courses and welcomed 8 new members from these - Wednesday is our regular shooting night and we continue to have good numbers turn up between 6 o'clock and about 8 o'clock, in time to complete the designated round and put a score in.

Although settled in these new premises we will continue to look for slightly bigger shooting area as can get a bit cramped and have to use multiple banks of archers on really busy nights.

First Night

It has happened - our first night at our new home and all went well

Members shooting

New Premises

We have now moved equipment to The Old School, Long Melford ready for when we start shooting.

Still have to put up new nets and mark both rooms out but hope to be ready for early October.

The club AGM is scheduled for 7pm on 4th October at The Old School and hopefully we will know when shooting will recommence by then.

Will be a little bit different as the club will be split between two rooms - one is long and thin, where we can do distances of 20 yards, and maybe 25 yards, but maximum of 12 archers in two ranks of six - the other room will allow us to shoot about 10 yards, so ideal for setting up bows, beginners and taster sessions, but is wider to allow more archers to shoot.

We will learn as we go along to work out best practice for all members benefit, but may take a little time to get things right.

Awful News

After just returning to indoor Archery we were given the news that after 31st August the Sports centre would close and we have to find a new home.

There is a protest group and the fight to keep the centre open 9 a great asset to the community ) has been joined by the Town Mayor.

At present there will be no further indoor facilities after 23rd August as 30th is a Bank Holiday and centre closed anyway