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Tudor Archers follow the Safeguarding policies of ArcheryGB which can be found here:-

We have our own Child protection rules, which follow ArcheryGB guidelines but are specific to us :-

Tudor Archers Child Protection Policy

Tudor Archers believes that when dealing with children and young people their welfare must always be of paramount importance. We are committed to providing an environment where young people can learn and participate in archery free from harassment and abuse. All those people working with children and young people have a moral responsibility to safeguard and promote a child and young persons’ welfare. The club has adopted the archery GB policy for safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

A copy of archery GB policy will be presented on request.

The person designated to deal with child protection is:

The Child Protection Officer (CPO)         Amanda Sayer

                                                                            Contact No ( available to club only )

Any person within the club with regular access to children and young people will have given permission for an Enhanced Criminal Record Check.

The Club will not tolerate any level of bullying be it physical or emotional.

The Club will always endeavour to implement best practice procedures.

The Club will always treat all members young and old equally with respect and dignity.

The club will always consult and update with the Parent / Guardian of progress and coaching needs and development of the child / young person with their archery.

Any concerns or complaints may be brought up with the:

           Chairman                    Terry Chittock

           Vice Chairman            Robert Webb                                   

           Treasurer                     Karen Brewster

You can also contact:        Local Authority Children Services   0300 123 2044

                                              NSPCC 0808 800 5000

The club requires the parent or guardian to be present with all under 16yr olds, unless an agreement has been made between the parent’s, the club committee and the child /young person.

All contact from the club will be made to the junior’s and under 18’s via parent/guardians.  Parent/Guardians will be sent all necessary emails from the Club.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a permission slip signed from their parent/guardian allowing the club to take their photos.  Parents/Guardians must give their consent before we put pictures on our social media platforms / website.

The club expects that at other archery events run outside the club that the parent / guardian to take responsibility for the safety of the child /young person.

June 2023

Social Media Guidelines

All members should follow ArcheryGB Social media guidelines:-

Code of Conduct

ALL members should follow the ArcheryGB Code of Conduct which can be found here - :-